Merion is alive with the sound of music

Fleeing the Nazis and penniless, Baron Georg von Trapp, Baroness Maria, their two sons and seven daughters (ages 7 to 27) lived at 252 Merion Road between 1938 and 1944. The house was loaned to them by Henry S. Drinker, Jr., a Merion lawyer, music patron and an authority on Bach. The von Trapps stayed in Merion Station long enough to regain their financial stability and then moved to Vermont and bought a farm.

von trapp family

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Heavy Manufacturing in Lower Merion was central to America’s war effort during world war II. Autocar Trucks, located on Greenfield Avenue in Ardmore, manufactured half-track armored cars. The plant switched back to manufacturing civilian vehicles in 1944 and moved to Exton, PA in 1954. Learn more about this fascinating area … Continue reading

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